Thank you so much for your interest in our school, and for taking the time to read and see what we are all about at River East. We hope and would love to have the opportunity to get to know your family better, and are excited at the possibility of having you join our community in the future!


COVID-19 has shifted our admissions process, but we have created an experience that will mirror the tours and admissions process prior to the pandemic as much as possible. We have had great success with this process and have been amazed at the Friends' flexibility, tenacity and excitement to connect with their peers. We know that these are crazy and wild times and choosing a preschool is now so different than it used to be. We are here for you and want to help you make informed decisions that are the best for your family so feel free to reach out should you have any questions or want to talk things through.

River East School is an inclusive program that values diversity and seeks to create a school that reflects the world around us. River East School does not discriminate based on race, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition, creed, color, national origin, or ability. When filling our classes, we strictly adhere to the legal limit of class size and, as much as possible, strive to achieve gender and age-range balance in our classroom.



1). APPLICATION FORM & FEE: After looking at our website, and feeling that this is a good fit for your family and their needs, we ask that you fill out an application. 


Application Fee: $125 (non-refundable) | Checks made payable to River East School.

Please mail your completed application and application fee to: 



2) WAITLIST: Once your application has been received, your child will officially be added to the RES waitlist. This waitlist rolls over from the previous school year, and children who have aged out of the program are removed. If you are put on the waitlist, you do not need to reapply for successive years.


3) NEXT SCHOOL YEAR ADMISSIONS: Once we have determined how many spots will be open for the next year, RES will reach out to families on the waitlist regarding enrollment availability. When filling our classes, we strictly adhere to the legal limit of class size and, as much as possible, strive to achieve gender and age-range balance in our classroom. Should you have interest in an earlier start date, please let us know and we will keep you informed accordingly.

4) ENROLLMENT STATUS: We will notify you of acceptance status into River East School, and plan to have our roster finalized in June of the current year for the upcoming school year. In order to secure enrollment, every Applicant will receive the Admissions Agreement and Enrollment Forms directly from Forms must be printed, signed, scanned, and returned to and a physical copy must be delivered or mailed to River East School, 4316 La Clede Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039. The Enrollment Agreement is not complete until each Applicant has executed this process. The enrollment forms will allow the Applicant to choose a method of payment (lump sum or 10-monthly installments). Once the Applicant has selected the payment option, RES will send the Applicant an invitation to join and create an account through “Procare” (an online platform) in order to complete payment of the New Student Enrollment Fee and applicable tuition. Enrollment neither explicitly nor implicitly obligates RES to offer the Student enrollment for any succeeding school year. 


5) VIRTUAL SESSION GALORE! Prior to school opening in the Fall we will host many virtual sessions, a meet-and-greet for all the families, a health and safety course to go over all of our procedures and protocols for the year, and a session for every new and returning River East Friend. 

6) FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL | 2021-2022 FALL SCHOOL YEAR: Date set for Tuesday, Sept 7, 2021.