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River East School is a mixed-age early childcare center implementing emergent curriculum and emphasizing social-emotional development.

Sowing the seeds of community in a boutique preschool setting in Atwater Village.


Founded in 2017, River East School was created to provide a nurturing and empathetic environment where the individuality and uniqueness of each child is celebrated and holistically supported. The River East School environment is meant to foster creative thinking, while providing families with the opportunity to become part of a truly unique community, one committed to excellence in early childhood learning and development. River East maintains small student to teacher ratios, beyond state requirements, to create a space where each child's thoughts and feelings are heard, valued and play an active role in creating the curriculum, as it is inspired by the children's innate curiosity and then guided and implemented by the teachers working alongside them.

The learning style and method needed for each individual child is given careful attention so that our teachers are able to supply the tools, materials and activities to help their natural exploratory behaviors thrive. Fostering respect and compassion for one another, the natural world, and all of its inhabitants is an underlying and guiding principle behind our educational approach. Children are encouraged to develop a strong sense of self as active learners and participants as they come to understand the value and importance of being members of the greater community and world at large.

River East School's mission is to create an exceptional early childcare environment which focuses on key areas such as social-emotional learning, art, health, wellness, nutrition, movement, creative exploration, and collaboration. A place where young children are supported as they learn and grow during a formative period of development.  We hope to create a community of conscientious and engaged life-long learners, who are supported and encouraged to develop their natural interests and abilities to create positive change in the world around them. We believe education is a journey we chart together - for learning and development to happen organically, it must be communal and symbiotic - meaning the Friends’ curiosities and observations guide our teachers and allow us to develop curriculum together,  propelled forward by our experience of the world around us and within us.  

"River East School is where you learn how to be you."



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